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About us

Chikondi was founded in 2017, out of a love for African culture. 

 The name is derived from the Chichewa language, spoken in Malawi. Chikondi means “love.” 

 Kurt Van Arsdale, owner and founder of Chikondi, served a mission in Malawi for two years. During his time there, he fell in love with the people and culture and dedicated himself to helping them in any way he could. 

 When his time in Africa drew to a close, Kurt wanted to bring a small piece of their culture home with him. He was captivated by their beautiful artisanship and unique products and set out to share them with the world. 

 Chikondi bridges the gap, bringing African goods to the American marketplace. When you make a purchase from Chikondi, you’re not only receiving a one-of-a-kind, high-quality product, but also supporting local artisans throughout Africa by providing stable jobs.

 Chikondi works closely with African makers to bring you exceptional, handmade bracelets.

 Join us in spreading love around the world and discover the beauty of handmade, African bracelets.